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About Us


Dressed In Mink is an Australian-owned beauty brand specialising in luxury strip lashes for everyone.

We were founded with the aim of providing durable, top-quality, comfortable lashes suitable for all types of occasions ranging from everyday workwear to parties and weddings - for people of all ages with different beauty approaches.


This is because we have been limited to lash brands that either only offer intense and dramatic lash styles or dainty and thin lash styles that only last a few wears.

Dressed In Mink have carefully designed and created six lash styles that are a staple collection for any individual looking to wear false lashes.

Whether you prefer a natural lash for work, a semi-natural/semi-dramatic lash for a wedding, or a super intense lash for a party, Dressed In Mink has got the right lash for everyone!

Each of our lash pairs last a minimum of 25 wears with most of our customers praising their longevity of 3 months and longer!


We pride ourselves on offering a personal and exclusive experience for our customers. Each lash style is hand-sewn with love and attention to detail. From our product design process, to the packaging and quality assurance, right down to our customer service and product delivery, Dressed In Mink offer an experience no other lash brand offers.

That is why we are considered the home of luxury lashes.


At Dressed In Mink, we are proud of our boutique and personal approach to beauty.

Our lash packaging is on-trend and luxurious. Not only is it sturdy and travel-friendly for customers who are on-the-go, but it is recyclable! We are all-for environmentally friendly business choices.

Our quality speaks for itself. Dressed In Mink lashes are soft, durable, and gorgeous; bringing a much more satisfying and bespoke experience for customers, compared to other lash brands. Our lashes are comfortable on the eye, feel light-weight, last months of wear, are effortless to remove, accentuate all eye shapes beautifully, and allow all people (women AND men) to feel confident at any age.


Since we offer a selection of natural and glamorous styles (unlike many lash brands who focus on certain styles), Dressed In Mink are the perfect accessory that is inclusive of everyone and their various beauty needs and desires - ensuring they find their perfect lash style!

We are proud and confident in the quality of our strip lashes, and know that Dressed In Mink will be your new go-to lash shop!