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How to care for your lashes

Pink Pastel Model

Want to make the most out of your lashes? We're going to teach you how to properly care for your Dressed In Mink lashes!


Step 1: Use a cleansing wipe and gently wipe your lash line in a downward motion. Make sure to focus on the corners of your eyes, as well.


Step 2: Continue to gently wipe your lash line until the lashes easily and effortlessly come off.


Step 3: Using tweezers, carefully remove the dried glue from the lash band.


Step 4: Repeat for the other eye and that's it! Store your lashes in our pretty little lash boxes.


NOTE: We recommend not cleaning or submerging your lashes with any type of liquid, such as micellar water or water and soap. This MAY affect the integrity of the lash and MAY ruin its shape. We also discourage applying mascara to your lashes.


Step 5 (optional): If you have applied mascara to your lashes, or there is makeup on the lash hairs, you can dampen a spoolie/eyebrow brush and gently comb through the hairs to remove the makeup or mascara. Please be careful as we do not recommend drenching your lashes in any form of liquid.